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48,76 €


Unisex Native American style leather bracelet .
Our design and style together with the big representative Buffalo in all our pieces is our stamp.
The leather we use is high quality craft made, tanned with chemical-free vegetable pigments, European source.
The magnetic closure part, is high quality, with the engraved Great American Buffalo silver plated. The metal pieces that you will see in our products are designed by us and later silver plated.

  • All parts are silver-plated.
  • Made in V20age, Barcelona.

In Voila20age we create unique parts. All our creations are handmade. We work with artisans from all over the world. The author designs give to the brand special value to our pieces being unique. We manufacture small quantity of each. All the creations, material’s searching and manufacture is made in Barcelona.

We Care to the last detail, so you will receive your piece in a cotton bag with our logo, closed with natural jute cord.