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Who we are

We are from Barcelona, my name is Ana.

Voila 20age was born from a personal project and the illusion of Creating a product that transmits the character and personality of the brand.

In our studio we design, develop and create all the collections. All the voila20age jewellery and accessories are handmade.
Our style is not something learned. It belongs to the nature of a "being" from its origin.
Inspiration starts with colors, ideas and designs emerge through materials.

We are from Barcelona, a city that breathes in front of the sea, and opens the doors to many influences that arrive and stay. A bohemian and urban city with a Mediterranean soul, the Boho is the way to call the bohemian hippie style. Our pieces are going to transmit all this, your way of dressing and the details that you bring will contribute to your character and attitude.

Our seal is an American buffalo designed by us, which is present in all the pieces. It's the V20age amulet.
We like the culture of the natives of North America. The Buffalo was a spiritual being for them a Sacred Being. For us it represents strength, protection and work.

All the pieces are made by hand in Barcelona.
They are artisans for the materials we use, our suppliers are crafters from all over the world and they carry out author's designs.
The leather we use, is of high quality craftsmanship, is tanned with vegetable pigments free of chemical products, European origin.
The leather we use mainly in stone bracelets is aged with natural anilines, it does not contain chemical products or varnishes, it’s soft and ductile.

Responsibility for the environment belongs to everyone, that is why we work with suppliers that carry out this natural process and we contribute together by preserving the environment.

We create a different product, this is the value we give to the brand.

We wish you like it, welcome!

Our style and our philosophy

We are inspired by both hippie and Bohemian styles. Boho is the style we pursue and identify with: these urban women with Bohemian looks, sometimes more ethnic or sometimes more tribal depending on the moment.

A lot of attention is given to detail and final touches to achieve a calculatedly carefree look that enhances your style and personality.

The pieces are to be worn in a natural way, giving style and presence.

The materials used are unique, handmade and from all over the world.
Handmade objects have a human story behind each piece and an added value which combined make them special and unique.

We use materials from craftsmen from the United States, infusing authenticity and elegance into each piece. Among many others, we use stones or Navajo Pebbles painted by hand, fire polished crystal stones, pieces with oxidised effects and distressed patina.

The leather we use has been distressed with natural aniline oil, with no use of chemical products or varnishes. It is ductile and soft and of great beauty thanks to its handmade nature.

We love leather because it is genuine and it adapts and adjusts to your skin. We use the best quality of leather in Europe.

Our fringe collar necklaces and fringe bracelets are inspired by Indian style. These pieces attract attention while giving you a hippie and casual look. This is the style we have been presenting for the past three years.
It forms parts of our wonderful, elegant and feminine permanent collection.

We design our pieces ourselves and they are silver-plated. A lot of them are symbols that keep appearing in our different collections depending on the pre-season.

We love cultures and crafts from other countries around the world and love the ethnic touch we give to each collection as well as the stories they carry.

Boho is a unique style which symbolises a way of life. It is creative, artistic and Bohemian.

"One person’s craziness is another person’s reality."
(Tim Burton)

We hope you love our collection as much as we love what we do.