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32,23 €


Women's ring. High quality cowhide leather, soft and ductile washed and aged. Engraving done by hand, small flowers surround the buffalo's shield. Symbols on the sides Indian eagle and crossed arrows.
To know the size that corresponds to you is very easy. You will only have to surround your finger with a cord without tightening it and cut it. With a meter or ruler measure the cord, the result in cm will be the measurement that you should choose.

  • All the pieces are bathed in silver.
  • Made in v20age, Barcelona.

In Voila20age we create unique pieces since its manufacture is totally handmade. Our design and style along with the great representative Buffalo in all our pieces is our hallmark.

All the creations and manufacturing together with the search for materials of great craftsmanship value are made in Barcelona. We take care of every last detail, so you will receive your piece in a cotton sack and khaki leather simile with our logo, closed with natural jute cord.